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View of La Goulette coming into port
Dock at La Goulette
Dancers greet us as we dock
A well trained camel!
Great Mosque of Carthage
Catholic Church
City of Carthage on site of old Carthage
Tombstones from old graves
Gravesite from Punic times
Walk to Antonin Baths through old necropolis
Carsons in front of the Ruins of the Antonin Baths
Remains of the Impressive Baths of Antonius Pious. Only lower level remains.
Depiction of what the baths may have looked like
Ruins of Roman Aqueduct
Stretches 130 km from mountains
Pitchers unearthed at the Aqueduct
Excavations of the Aqueduct cisterns. Water was pumped from here to the city and the Antonine Baths.
Goats around the Aqueduct
Mosque in Village of Sidi Bou Said
Climbing the narrow, cobblestone streets of Sidi Bou Said
All the windows and doors of the village are blue
Window Treatments in Sidi Bou Said
Doorways in Sidi Bou Said
Note Metalwork used for decor
Dar El Ananabi was a private home of a wealthy Muslim Family, now a museum.
Museum/Home Entrance
The Museum features rooms with mannequins depicting typical Muslim family life.
Back area of Museum/House
Courtyard of Museum/House
One of the Souvenir Shops
Street in Sidi Bou Said
Street in Sidi Bou Said
Muslim holy day was the next day and the practice is to sacrifice a sheep. (Sorry photo is out of focus but only one we had of this sheep walker)
Sheep in back of truck on way to being sacrificed.
Muslim Funeral - All Men walking up the street with the casket. Women are not allowed as they get too emotional!


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