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Entering Lemaire Channel On January 29, we had an early morning wake-up call to watch as the ship passed through the beautiful Lemaire Channel.GlacierThis waterway, located between the peninsular mainland and Booth Island, measures about one mile wide and seven miles long. The walls consist of high, steep, snow-covered mountains with many glaciers lining the way.


Afternoon in Lemaire ChannelOur morning transit of the channel was overcast but when we returned through it in the afternoon, the skies had cleared and the sun was out, making the scenery even more spectacular.Glacier







Sunset on MountainsThen, as icing on the cake, we were treated to a glorious sunset, with the tops of the mountains aglow.Sunset in Lemaire Channel






For more photos of Lemaire Channel, go to Lemaire Channel Photo Gallery. To read about the next location visited, go to Petermann Island.


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