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Memorial After 3 days at sea, we arrived at the Falkland Islands on Feb. 9. The Falkland Islands (aka Islas Malvinas), are located about 300 miles east of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. They are an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom. The islands are internally self-governing except for their defense and foreign affairs which remains the responsibility of the British government. There has long been a sovereignty contention between Britain and Argentina which led to war in 1982. Land MinesThere are about 200 islands in the archipelago. They are mostly rocky and treeless and often swept by strong winds and cold rains. There are two main large islands - East Falkland and West Falkland. Our first stop was on the east side of East Falkland Island in the city of Stanley. This very colorful and picturesque town is the principle community and port of the archipelago and has been the capital of the Falkland Islands since 1842. Almost 2,000 people, out of a total Falklands population of 2800 people, live here. The town was held by Argentine troops for 10 weeks in 1982 and suffered some damage before being retaken by a British task force. There are still 117 mine fields throughout the area that have been roped off and monitored. It is illegal to enter any of these areas or take one of the signs.

Government HouseWe were given a bus tour of the city and its environs, including a view of Government House, the war memorial and the harbor area where the wreck of the Lady Elizabeth is grounded. The Lady Elizabeth is a 19th century iron barque which limped into Stanley Harbor in 1912 after sustaining damage in a storm while coming around Cape Horn.Lady Elizabeth wreck



Guide explains peatOur guide showed us the main peat bog which used to be the fuel source for the town. There are still a few homes which use the free and available fuel source and we could smell them as we got close! Now petroleum products have made home heating much less laborious if not more expensive.


House and gardenThe houses around Stanley are quite colorful and many have large flower and vegetable gardens in their front yards. Dentist Office in MuseumWe stopped at the Falkland Islands Museum with it's eclectic collection of anything having to do with the Falklands. Then there was time for wandering the streets and shopping for souvenirs.






Gypsy CoveAfter lunch, a group of us decided to hire a driver to take us to Gypsy Cove. This is a beach area about 4 miles out of town. The area lies within the National Nature Reserve of Stanley and is home to several hundred breeding pairs of Magellanic penguins. Magellanic penguinsThere was a well marked trail along the cliffs overlooking the beach area and through the diddle dee shrubs which covered the ground. The berries of the diddle dee is a source of food for the area's animals and insects and some of the locals make jam from them. After the days at sea, it was really nice to get out and walk around in the fresh air.

Diddle Dee


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