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Black-browed albatrossDuring lunch on February 10, the ship sailed to West Point Island. The island is on the northwest side of West Falkland and is owned by Roddy and Lil Napier.We anchored outside Settlement Harbour and walked across to the windward side.Up close to colony The windward side is truly spectacular. We were perched near very high cliffs which made for great viewing of the albatrosses as they soared over our heads.


Blackbrowed albatross chickThe loop trail led us through tussock grass right along the edge of the colony for some extreme close-up views of the mixed colony of rockhopper penguins and black-browed albatross.Albatross Feeding We watched as the albatross adults flew in to their nests to feed their chicks.



Black-browed albatrossThere are about 3500 pairs of rockhopper penguins that nest on West Point Island. It was difficult walking through the tussock grass mounds, rocks and mud but well worth the effort to get so close to the nests.Rockhopper and albatross chick




Rockhopper Penguin


Some of the group, including Fred on the far left of the photo, walked out to the Devil's Nose outcrop for more views of the ancient seaside cliffs. Devil's noseAfterwards we enjoyed another traditional farmhouse tea before returning to the ship.



For more photos of West Point Island, go to West Point Island Photo Gallery. To read about the next location visited, go to New Island - Settlement Harbour.


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