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The Carsons rest with the King Penguins

March of the Penguins

Our Videographer shoots some Skua birds
King Penguins
2 King Penguins
Closeup of King Penguin

Let's go for a walk.

Let's stick together.
King Penguin Breeding colony
Panoramic View of colony
King Breeding colony

King Penguin Breeding Colony - over 150,000 penguins.

The Brown ones are the chicks - nicknamed the Oakum Boys

Panoramic View of breeding colony - the largest King Penguin rookery in South Georgia
Some of the parents are still holding eggs on their feet.
King Penguin chicks
Molting Chick
Molting Chick
"Oakum Boys"
Molting Chick - Losing their Down Coat
Molting Chick
King Penguins Nice Afro Almost done molting
Almost done molting
Nice Afro!
See my new feathers
Surveying the Colony
Out for a stroll
Out of my Way
Overlooking the Colony
We three kings
We often saw them slapping their companions with their wings as they walked together
Elephant seals among the Kings Elephant Seals Bellowing That feels so good
Elephant Seals among the King Penguins
Who can yell the loudest?
That feels so good!
Territorial Dispute This is my spot I won
Territorial Dispute
This is my spot!
I Win!
Fur Seal Nests Fur Seal Pups Fur Seal Nest
Fur Seal Nests in Tussock Grass
Fur Seal Pups
Fur Seal Nest
Fur Seal Pup
Fur Seal Pup
Fur Seal
Fur Seal Pup
Fur Seal pup just out of the water
Fur Seal Adult Female
Elephant and Fur Seals
Go Home
Pups playing in water
Elephant and fur seals
Get out of here!
Fur seal pups play in the water
Penguins by the pond Fred among the Kings Kings along the river
Elephant Seal and King Penguins
Fred among the Kings
King Penguins along the river
Walk along the beach
Let's go swimming
Stroll along the beach
I think I'll go for a swim
Time to go fishing
Into the water
Safety in Numbers
Follow the leader
Quit splashing!
Safety in Numbers
Reindeer What are those doing here Let's go
Herd of Reindeer - Originally brought over by the Norwegians
What are they doing here?
Let's get out of here!
Mountains around St. Andrews Bay Kelp gull Interesting Rock
Mountains and glacier around St. Andrews Bay
Kelp Gull
Interesting Rock

To learn more about our visit to St. Andrews Bay, go to the St. Andrews Bay Newsletter. To view the next photo gallery, go to Ocean Harbour Photo Gallery.

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