Grand Palace

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Downtown Bangkok
Traffic congestion is a constant
A 7/11 near our hotel provided snacks and dinner our first night
Pictures of the king and queen are everywhere.
Our room at the At Ease Saladaeng Hotel was a suite with
A full kitchen
and living room.
Entrance to the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew complex was very crowded on Sunday. Our guide, Joe, holds an umbrella high so we can follow him.
There are over 100 buildings in the complex dating from 1782 and the old Kingdom of Siam. The gold stupa is in the Sri Lankan style and contains relics of Buddha. The middle building is in Thai style, the tall grey tower is in Cambodian style (like in Ankor Wat).

Small scale replica of Ankor Wat

Apsonsi - A mythical creature (half woman, half lion).

Ramakien figures appear to be holding up the structure.


The Ramakien is an allegory of the triumph of good over evil with the hero, Rama, as the ideal king. Hundreds of characters are featured in the many episodes of the epic story.

Wat Phra Kaeo was constructed to house the most revered image of the Buddha in Thailand: The Emerald Buddha.
The Buddha is 26 inches tall and carved out of a single piece of jade.
The figure is so beloved that the king himself changes its robes each season as depicted in the above picture.
The Ramakien Gallery is decorated with lavishly painted murals depicting the ancient legend of the Ramakien
The 178 panels were originally painted in the late 18th century but require renovation due to humidity.

The Grand Palace was the king's official residence from 1782-1946.

Dusit Throne Hall - used for annual Coronation Day celebrations. The yellow bunting is in honor of the current king's birthday.
Everyone was taking selfies!
Joe leads us safely out of the grounds.
A delicious shrimp pad thai lunch
Water craft on the Chao Phraya River which flows through Bangkok.
Unloading fresh produce for the market
Flowers for the market
It's a wonder the electricity works!
Evening dinner cruise on a traditional wooden rice barge on the Chao Phraya River.
We cruised past the high rise luxury hotels in downtown Bangkok.
Wat Phra Kaeo at night

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