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Olympic Stadium - Built for the 1936 Berlin games where Jesse Owens dominated.
Victory Column - Originally put up by the Prussians but moved to present location by the Nazi's.
Goddess of Victory (Berliners call it "Chick on a Stick")
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.
It was built in 1890 but heavily bombed during WWII. The Germans decided not to restore it as a reminder of the horrors of war.
An addition to the church was built in 1950. The blue stained glass was a gift from France.
The light shines from the inside during the day and glows at night when viewed from the outside.
What the church looked like before the bombings.
One of 3 major universities in Berlin. All are free to everyone, including foreigners.

Reichstag, or parliament building.

Brandenburg Gate was built in 1791. It was the symbol of Prussian Berlin and later the symbol of a divided Berlin. Passing through the gate you are in former E. Berlin.

US Embassy next to the Brandenburg Gate in former E. Berlin

Hotel Adlon

Next to the US Embassy, it was here that Michael Jackson dangled his baby over the railing on the second floor balcony.

TV Tower

Built in 1969 by the communists to show the power of the atheistic state. But when the sun hit the tower, a huge cross was reflected on the mirrored ball!

The Holocaust Memorial, named "The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe."
It was completed in 2005 and consists of 2711 gravestone-like pillars made of hollow concrete. They are all about the same size but of differing heights.
Memorial from the air.
We crossed the bridge over the Spree River to reach Museum Island
The island is filled with some of Berlin's most impressive museums, most under renovation.
Berlin Cathedral

Checkpoint Charlie

This is a mockup of the original border crossing between the American and Soviet sectors.

Fassbender & Rausch - Europe's biggest chocolate store.
It features giant chocolate models of Berlin landmarks.
Map showing the 4 Sectors of Berlin and the wall encirling all of W. Berlin
One of the few remaining remnants of the Wall. The wall was actually two walls, with a death strip in the middle. It was built in 1961 and was 100 miles long.


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