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Glenwood Springs is a 45 minute drive from Snowmass Village west on Highway 82. It is at Exit 114 on I70. The town is most famous for its hot springs and vapor caves. But we usually only drive there for the shopping! There's a Wal-Mart and a newly opened Lowes, Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Yeah!

Last summer Barbara's sister and brother-in-law, Colleen and Mark Sticht, were visiting from Buffalo. Rafting thru Glenwood CanyonSo we decided to take a rafting trip down the Colorado River thru Glenwood Canyon which parallels I70 heading towards Denver out of Glenwood Springs. We did this in August when the river was not as high so it was more of a float trip, with only a short section classified as a level 3 rapid. Earlier in the summer it is a level 4 river. Our ride was with Rock Gardens Rafting and lasted about 2 hours. It was a wonderful trip, thru magnificent scenery - only wish we had brought a camera on the raft. Our guide pointed out many interesting things along the way including several "secret" hot spring pools.

Iron Mt. TramwayOur rafting ticket included a visit to the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park which was also a pleasant surprise. We took the 4300 ft long Iron Mountain Tramway to the top where there is a restaurant, trails, cavern and a few amusement rides. The views from the tram and at the top were worth the price of admission alone. Fred in CavernsWe took the 1 hour Cave Tour thru a fairly pristine cavern with some interesting lighting. The cave is a constant 52 degrees which was a welcome relief from the heat that day. There is also a 3 hour wild tour offered for the adventurous where you crawl thru other parts of the cave like the early explorers.

Fred on Bobsled RideThere is a bobsled ride on rails that winds partway down the mountain, providing thrills and great views. An even more exciting ride was the Swing Shot which shoots you out over the cliff for a view of Glenwood Canyon belowStichts on Swing Shot.








There is a great bike path that runs thru Glenwood Canyon from Glenwood Springs east for 13 miles. It parallels I-70 and sometimes even runs beneath it all along the river. Although basically a flat, paved trail, going east you do travel up river so you are on a gradual uphill grade. But the views are terrific and coming back you can coast.





Part way up the canyon is probably one of the most beautiful and popular hiking trails - the Hanging Lake Trail. It's a strenuous hike - you climb about 1200 ft in a little over a mile. Our friends Dwight and Mollie Mathias joined us for the trip - it took us about 2 hours to reach the lake, with many stops for breath and pictures. The trail follows one of the side canyons along a flowing river with dozens of waterfalls. The boy scouts have done a great job on the trail, carving steps into the rocks and building bridges over the water.



The steepest section near the top even has handrails to help you - most necessary when coming back down. But all that work is definitely worth it as Hanging Lake is like a Garden of Eden.The water is so clear you can easily see the trout swimming in it - too bad there's no fishing allowed. But its a great spot for a picnic.



Just above the lake is Spouting Rock where a huge waterfall comes out of an opening in the cliff.

The hike back down is easier but still tricky - hiking poles are definitely in order as well as sturdy shoes.








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