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The area around Gunnison, CO is full of things to see and do. We stayed in a campground along the spectacular Blue Mesa Lake. This is the largest man-made lake in Colorado. It is 20 miles long and has 96 miles of shoreline. It is a great place for fishing, boating and windsurfing.



Although we are not huge fans of museums, the Pioneer Museum in Gunnison is one of the most interesting we have seen anywhere. The museum grounds house 12 buildings, including Gunnison's first Post Office (1876), 2 rural school houses, a huge antique car museum, a narrow gauge train and depot. My favorite artifact was a permanent wave machine. Looked like you could be electrocuted getting your hair curled!







A drive from Gunnison along the scenic Taylor River Canyon takes you to the old mining town of Tincup. Considered a ghost town now, some of the old cabins are being used as summer cottages.The most interesting part of the town though is the old cemetary.




There are three separate sections on the forested hillsides of the cemetary: the Catholic knoll, the Protestant knoll and the Jewish knoll. Wooden and metal fences separate each gravesite.













Probably the most famous attraction near Gunnison is the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. This gorge raches depths of 2700 feet down to the Gunnison River. Within the park you can drive the South Rim Road to various lookout points and short hiking trails.







Just outside the park you can take the 1 1/2 hour Morrow Point boat tour through a portion of the Black Canyon. To get to the boat you have to take a 3/4 mile hike along the Pine Creek Trail. The boat tour really gives you a good feeling for the depth of the gorge.








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