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Garden of the Gods Central Garden Area Walk Central Garden Area Map
Garden of the Gods
Central Garden Area Walk
Map of Trail
Along the Walk Barb by Pillars Pillars
Along the Trail
Three Graces (plus Barb!)
Sentinel Rock
Rock climbers Fred Holding Up Balanced Rock Garden of Gods from Drive
Rock Climbers (click on photo to see)
Fred holding up Balanced Rock
Garden from road
Sign for Seven Falls Seven Falls Upper Falls
Sign Naming the Seven Falls (click on photo to read)
Seven Falls
Upper two falls
Barb Climbs 224 Stairs View from Top of Stairs Trail Sign
Barb Climbs the 224 Stairs to the Top of the Falls
View from the top
Trail Sign
Carsons at Inspiration Pt. View from Inspiration Pt. Barb finds Geocache on Trail
Carsons at Inspiration Point

View of Colorado Springs from Inspiration Point

Barb Finds Geocache along Paul Intemann Trail
View from Trail Fred by Cog Train Carsons at Pikes Peak
View of Garden of Gods from Paul Intemann Trail
Fred by Pikes Peak Cog Train
Carsons at Pikes Peak Summit
Carsons on Peak Shed along Tracks Mountain Goats Along Tracks
Carsons Enjoy the view at the Summit
Shed along Tracks near Summit
Rocky Mountian Big Horn Sheep seen from Train






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