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Trinity columnLinz was founded by the Romans and, because of its location, was an important trading center. Hapsburg Emperor Frederick III spent his last years there and it was the most important city in Europe until his death in 1493.Tour TrainsThe main square or Hauptplatz has a Trinity Column in its center. Built in 1723, it represents the triple symbols of Emperor, Land and City. The Rococo, Baroque and Renaissance style buildings around the square were once shops of wealthy merchants. We took a tour of the city center by mini train.




Marien Dom CathedralThen we walked back to go inside the Marien-Dom - the largest cathedral in Austria. We were lucky to be there when the organ was playing. The sound in this gothic cathedral was awesome.


After lunch we took a unique train ride up the Postlingberg Hill. St. Mary's of SorrowsThe train was built in 1898 and according to the Guiness Book of World Records is the steepest adhesion railway in the world (a 10.5% grade). At the top is the Church of St. Mary's of Sorrows and a great view of the city (when it's not foggy as it was when we were there!).

Fred flyingThe highlight of Linz for Fred was a visit to the Ars Electronica Center. This Museum of the Future offers a look at digital computer worlds and the latest technologies and media. We donned special glasses and journeyed through a three dimensional view of Florence. Then Fred tried the flight simulator where he donned a harness and "flew" over the streets of Linz and then under the Danube. Great fun.

Linz has been declared the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2009, an honor that is given to different cities each year. Lots of special exhibits and events are planned. To view additional photos from Linz, visit the Linz Photo Gallery.



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