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Bratislava, Slovakia

Cathedral of St. MartinSlovakia was formerly part of Czechoslovakia and became an independent country in 1993. It became part of the European Union in 2004 but retains its own monetary system, the Slovak Crown. We stopped in the capital city of Bratislava, which was the former capital of Hungary. We visited St. Mark's Cathedral which was built in the 14th century and used as the site for the coronation of several Hungarian kings.Old Town HallPart of the walled city remains and the winding medieval streets were very interesting to explore. A pedestrian walkway leads to St. Michael's Gate, a remnant of the medieval fortification.




Potter's HouseThe highlight of our day in Slovakia was a trip through the country to a small farming town for a home cooked meal of roast goose. We passed terraced hillsides off grape vines as this is a major wine producing area. We stopped at the home of a pottery maker and were given a demonstration of the whole process of pottery making - from the making of the clay, to the turning, glazing, painting and firing.Potter Of course there was also an opportunity to buy some of the beautiful finished product - which we did!


Roast Goose LunchThen it was time for a special roast goose lunch. We started with goose soup with homemade noodles, then roast goose, potato pancakes, red cabbage and plum cake for dessert. The home made wine was so good, we bought a bottle. The cook even came out and told us the process for cooking goose. It starts with sitting for 4-5 hours after being salted. Then 5 hours of cooking in a special pottery pot. Of course the geese used are also specially raised in the village.

Modern BratislavaOn the way back to the ship we drove to the top of the hill overlooking the city. The American ambassador has a home there that looks like a miniature white house. Outside the old town area, Bratislava is a modern looking city with high-rises and private homes.

Children's ChoirAfter dinner on the ship, a local children's choir came aboard to entertain us with their beautiful voices.


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