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Bucharest Apartments
Bucharest Apartments - Built by Communists
Palace of the Parliament
Apartments for Parliament Members
Blvd. Unirii
Palace of the Parliament -second largest administration building in the world after the Pentagon, rising 276 feet above the ground and nearly as deep underground
Apartments for Parliament Members
Boulevard Unirii - modeled after the Champs Elysee in Paris
Patriarchal church
Old Court Excavations
Crowds waiting to see the Patriarch of the Orthodox church
Old Court Excavations
Vlad Dracula Bust
Herastrau Park
Bust of Vlad Dracula in Old Court Excavations
Herastrau Park and Lake
Barb enjoys the Park
Japanese Garden
Statue of Charles DeGaulle
Arc de Triomphe
Caldarusani Monastery
Orthodox Church
Arc de Triomphe

Caldarusani Monastery - Eastern Orthodox monastery built in 1637 and currently home to 30 monks.

Orthodox Church within the Monastery
Dinner at the Monastery
Monks serve us dinner
Folk Dancers at Village Museum
Village Museum
Folk Dancers at Village Museum
Tour of Village Museum - an open air park containing full scale displays of nearly 300 churches, wooden houses, windmills and farm buildings.
Farm display at Village Museum depicting Romanian village life through the ages.
Country Fence
Portable Wine Press
Sled for dispersing hay
Village Fence
Portable Wine Press
Sled used to transport hay
Entertainment on last night
Fred joins the dancers
Entertainment on last night in Bucharest
Fred joins the dancers

To learn more about our visit to Bucharest, visit the Bucharest Newsletter.

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