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Black Sea Canal
Constanta Harbor on Black Sea
Orthodox Church
Black Sea Canal Lock
Constanta Harbor on the Black Sea - the 2nd most important harbor in Europe
Eastern Orthodox Church - 87% of Constanta population practice Eastern Orthodox religion
Muslim Mosque
Muslim Mosque
Muslim Mosque
Interior of Muslim Mosque
Archeology Museum
Tear bottles
Baby Bottles
Archeology Museum
Glass bottles from the Romans, used to collect tears from mourners - the more tears, the more revered the dead person.
Baby Bottles from Romans
Ancient Grave
Grave Artifacts
Marble Glykon Serpent
Ancient Grave displayed in Archeological Museum
Grave Artifacts
Glykon Serpent made entirely of Marble
Roman Forum Excavation Site
Excavation of Roman Forum from 4th Century
Casino built in 1910
Black Sea at Mamaia
Wall of Aquarium Building
Beach on the Black Sea at Mamaia - a popular summer resort

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