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Statue of Tito
Tito's Desk
Tito's Batons
Josep Tito- Leader of Yugoslavia from the end of WWII until his death in 1980.
Tito's Desk in Tito Memorial and Museum
Tito's Baton Collection
Tito's Uniform
Gifts to Tito
Tito's Grave
Tito's Uniform
Gifts of instruments to Tito
Tito's Grave
Fortress Kalemegdan
Fortress Gate
Fortress Gate
Fortress Kalemegdan - Goes back to Roman times
Fortress Entry
Fortress Gate
Truck from WWII
Entering Fortress
WWII Arsenal
Fortress now a military museum - Truck is from WWII
Entering the fortress
WWII Arsenal
Confluence of Danube and Sava Rivers
St. Sava Temple
Old Palace
Confluence of Danube and Sava Rivers as seen from the Fortress Kalemegdan
St. Sava Temple - largest Orthodox church in Europe. St. Sava is national saint of Serbia.
Old Palace. Currently houses city assembly of Belgrade.
Pedestrian Street
Serb Girls
Bombed out Building
Pedestrian Mall in Downtown Belgrade
Typical Dress of the Young Serbs - Boots, jeans and scarves
Bombed out building

To learn more about our tour of Belgrade, Serbia, go to the Serbia Newsletter.

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