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This page contains photos of the Galapagos Land Iguana. There are two species of land iguanas in the Galapagos, both endemic to the islands. The first is more yellowish and lives only on Santa Fe Island. The other is more reddish orange and can be found on several islands. Adult land iguanas are vegetarian and eat mostly cactus pads and fruits, spines and all. Large male land iguanas may reach 13kg. During breeding, males establish heavily defended teritories with up to seven females. Females burrow down in a damp area of soil and deposit up to 20 eggs. But the hatchlings are prey to herons, owls, snakes and hawks. Those that survive may live up to 60 years.

Land Iguana Land Iguana eating Land Iguana on the run
Land Iguana at Darwin Research Center
Land Iguana Eating
Land Iguana in the Wild
Land Iguana Land Iguana Land Iguana Tracks
Land Iguana Peeks out of his Burrow
Land Iguana
Tracks of the Land Iguana








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