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This page contains photos of the Galapagos Lava Lizard and Painted Locust. There are seven species of Lava Lizards that inhabit the Galapagos. All are endemic to the islands - i.e. only found there. Males are larger than the females but the females tend to be prettier, often displaying red around their head or neck. Males are territorial and often use trail marker posts to display from. When courting or when threatened, males do a series of push-ups, similar to the head nodding done by marine iguanas. The frequency and depth of the push up is like a morse code understood by lizards of the same species. Lava lizards are highly predatory, preying on centipedes, scorpions, locusts and flies.

The Painted Locust is the largest insect in the Galapagos and is also an endemic species.

Male Lava Lizard Female Lava Lizard Lava Lizard Pooping
Male Lava Lizard
Female Lava Lizard
Lava Lizard "Pooping"
Lava Lizards Painted Locust  
Two Lava Lizards
Painted Locust








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