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This page contains photos of the Galapagos Penguin. This is the only penguin to nest entirely within the tropics and the only one to nest naturally in the northern hemisphere. the Galapagos Penguin is the 3rd smallest penguin in the world and is endemic to the islands. They have taken to living in the caves and rock crevices of the coastal lava Although penguins cannot fly in the air, they can "fly" underwater. We were lucky enough to snorkel while a group of them were feeding, rapidly propelling themselves thru the water admist schools of tiny fish.

Penguins on Rocky Shore Galapagos Penguin Penguin
Galapagos Penguins Along Shoreline
Galapagos Penguin
Galapagos Penguin on Lava Rock
Penguin on Lava Rock Juvenile Penguin Penguins Swimming
Shall I go for a swim?
Juvenile Penguin
Penguins taking a Swim








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