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This page contains photos of the Galapagos Sea Lion. The Galapagos has two species of eared seals, both endemic to the islands. One is the Galapagos fur seal and the other is an offshoot of the California Sea Lion. Eared seals are characterised by external ear pinnae, by their ability to rotate their hind flippers under their pelvic girdle, and by their long, flipper like front limbs. Eared seals can gallop - even out running a person on rocky terrain. Males establish territories, usually a stretch of coastline, which they savagely defend. Bulls can do serious injury to snorkelers who get to close to them or their territory. But the females and pups are a delight to swim with, doing somersaults underwater and playing with you.

Fur seals are nocturnal and are less often seen then sea lions because they prefer rockier, steeper and more rugged shores with plenty of shade. They are the smallest species if their kind. Their coat is much thicker and denser than the sea lion's and they were hunted almost to extinction for their luxurious pelts. They are now protected and making a comeback.

Our Greeters Guarding his Harem Playtime
Sea Lions Greet us before we embark on the Polaris
Guarding His Territory
Playful Pups
Nice Pillow So Peaceful Great View

You Make a Nice Pillow

(Note Marine Iguana heading to the water)

So Peaceful!
A Nice View from Up Here
Baby Nursery Where is everyone? New Born
Sea Lion Baby Nursery
Where's My Momma?
New Born Baby
Baby Sea Lion Nursing Baby Mother's Love
A Safe Place to Wait for Mother
Nursing Baby
A Mother's Love
Nap Time Sharing the Beach Sharing the path
Nap Time
Sharing the Beach
Sharing the Hiking Trail
Juvenile Sea Lion Nursing Sea Lion Pup Getting very Close

Juvenile Sea Lion

Nursing Sea Lion Pup
They Don't Care That We Are Near
Sea Lion and Marine Iguana Sea Lion watches us come ashore Bull Defends Territory
Sea Lion and Marine Iguana
Sea Lion Watches us Coming Ashore

Bull Sea Lion Defends his Territory

Note His Harem on the Shore

Fur Seals Under Ledge    
Fur Seals Under Ledge








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