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Mt. EtnaMt. Etna is the largest volcano in Europe. It is a very active volcano, with 135 violent eruptions recorded in history, some burying towns and flowing to the sea. The mountain is constantly changing shape with new craters being formed. A week before our arrival, Mt. Etna began spewing once again. From Taormina, we could see the smoke coming out of the cone and black ash covering the slopes where there had been snow. In 1982, the Etna area was declared a national park and our bus took us up the winding road to view it up close. We passed several old lava flows and went through beautiful chestnut tree forests that are used for furniture. Climbing the craterWe climbed to the top of one of the old craters. The top of the mountain is 11,000 ft. There is a ski area on top and we could see the lifts that carry skiers up to the slopes.Ski area





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