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OstuniFrom Alberobello we took an optional tour to the town of Ostuni. It is known as "The White Town" due to it's whitewashed buildings. Ostuni is one of many white towns settled during the 11th century. They were located on top of hills to protect the people from attacks from the sea by pirates. The people moved to these fortified citadels from small towns and were a mix of backgrounds, including Arab, Greek, and Norman. Old town streetThe Arabs contributed white houses and winding streets (like those of Morocco) and the Greeks contributed enclosed courtyards. The courtyards were used to protect women, children and the elderly while men were away at work. The Normans recognized the area had very rich soil which was perfect for agriculture. Ostuni is particularly noted for processing grapes into wine.

Old Town StreetWe wandered through the narrow, cobblestone streets of the old town. Then did a little souvenir shopping in the streets around the town square.Town Square







To view more photos from Ostuni, please go to Ostuni Photo Gallery. To read about the next location visited, go to Taormina.


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