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Roman Forum
Roman Forum

The Forum viewed from the Colosseum

View of Forum from Colosseum

Arch of Titus

Commemorated the Roman victory over Judea (Israel) in 70 AD. They brought back 50,000 Jewish slaves who were forced to build this arch and the Colosseum.

Reliefs on the arch commemorate the victory of Titus over Judea

Basilica of Constantine

A mammoth hall of justice

Arches of the Basilica of Constantine

The 3 tall Corinthian columns are the remains of the Temple of Castor and Pollux.


Temple of Romolo

This is the only original bronze door in the Forum still swinging on ancient hinges

Courtyard of the house of the Vestal Virgins. Rows of statues depicting leading Vestal Virgins flank the courtyard.
The Vestal Temple was a small round hut that had a fire burning inside. As long as the sacred flame burned, Rome would stand. The flame was tended by priestesses known as Vestal Virgins
The six Vestal Virgins were chosen from noble families before they reached the age of 10. They served a 30 year term. A Vestal took a vow of chastity and if she served her term faithfully she was given a huge dowry and allowed to marry. If she didn't remain a virgin during her term, she was taken to a crypt and buried alive.

Temple of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar's body was burned on this spot after his assassination.

Fresh flowers are usually found on the spot where Julius Caesar's body was cremated.

The Curia (Senate House)

The Curia (building on right) was the most important political building in the Forum. It was the site of Rome's official center of government since the birth of the Republic. 300 Senators were elected by the people to create the laws of the land. It is now a museum.

Temple of Saturn

These columns framed the entrance to the Forum's oldest temple (497 BC)

Remains of the Temple of Saturn

Column of Phocas - Rome's Fall

This is the Forum's last monument (608 AD), a gift from the powerful Byzantine empire to a Fallen Empire - Rome

Arch of Septimus Severus (203 AD)


The reliefs on the arch commemorate the emperor's battles in Mesopotamia.
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Altar of the Nation
Trevi Fountain
Circus Maximus (green lawn area) with ruins on Palatine Hill
Spanish Steps


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