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June 7, 2013

Atlantic PuffinsAfter leaving Traena, we set a course directly across the open waters of Vestfjorden to the southern section of the Lofoten Islands. This rugged island chain is well known for its cod fishing, beautiful scenery, and isolated islands, some of which have large nesting colonies of seabirds. We stopped at one of the islands in the southern section called Vaeroya.Kittiwakes We cruised in zodiacs along the seabird nesting areas and were excited to see rafts of Atlantic Puffins. The water was very choppy so it was difficult to get clear photos (plus the birds were always moving!). We also saw Kittiwakes nesting high on the cliffs.



ReineIn the afternoon, our ship stopped at a very picturesque fishing village called Reine. The small community was one of the historic cod fishing locations. Drying racks were everywhere. In late winter cod come into the area and fisherpeople catch them and drape them over the racks to dry. Cod fishing is still a viable and important industry in the area.Cod on drying rack We were lucky to be in Reine in time to see them cutting down the dried cod for shipment all over the world. Brazil is one of the main importers of dried cod.




TrollfjordAfter dinner, the captain maneuvered the ship into a beautiful short, narrow fjord called Trollfjord. The crew served us mulled wine on deck. Evidently this is a very popular fjord as there were several local tourist boats partying in the fjord and watching in awe as the captain turned the ship around in such a tight location.


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