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The Bygdoy Peninsula is home to several museums for famous ships and an outdoor folk museum.
The Fram Museum houses the 125 foot ship that took Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen deep into the Arctic and Antarctic.
The Fram was specially designed to survive the crushing pressures of a frozen over sea. For 3 years, the Fram drifted, trapped in the Arctic ice.
The Fram was both sail and steam powered.
The Viking Ship Museum houses two finely crafted and well preserved Viking ships as well as other excavated items from the 9th and 10th centuries. This Gokstad ship was capable of sailing the high seas and was the type that brought settlers to Normandy.
The Oseberg ship was likely a royal pleasure boat. It was designed for sailing on calmer inland waters, not the high seas.
The ships survived because they were buried in clay as part of a gravesite.
Another Viking ship that was unearthed but not as well preserved.
This sleigh has ornate carvings with scenes from Viking sagas.
The Kon-Tiki Museum houses the Kon Tiki and the Ra II. The Kon Tiki was built by Thor Heyerdahl in 1947 out of balsa wood using pre-modern techniques and tools.
The Kon-Tiki sailed from Peru to Polynesia, 4300 miles and 101 days. The purpose was to prove South Americans could have settled Polynesia. The journey was chronicled in Heyerdahl's book "Kon-Tiki"

In 1970, Heyerdahl's Ra II made a 3000 mile journey from Morocco to Barbados to prove that Africans could have populated America.

Norwegian Folk Museum

An Open-Air museum with 150 buildings from all over Norway that have been reassembled on a 35 acre park. It presents life in Norway from 1500 to the present day.

Old Town area has buildings from Oslo and other Norwegian towns.
The Countryside section shows typical farms from different districts and time periods.
A grainery
Guest house on the farm with elaborate paintings on the walls
Stave Church
Built in Gol around 1200 and relocated to its present site in 1884.
Paintings inside Stave Church

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