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Nyhavn Canal - Historic sailboats line the canal. Old sailor's quarters have been turned into trendy cafes and bars.
Our Hotel Bethel Somandshjem ("Seamen's Home")
The red building was home to Hans Christian Anderson.
View of Nyhavn Canal from our hotel room
Tourists and locals enjoy hanging out along the canal, soaking up the sunshine. It is also the starting point for canal boat cruises.
There are many low bridges along the canals that the boats and people's heads barely fit under!
Historic boathouses of the Danish Navy
Historic Cranes from the old shipyard
The Royal Yacht
Sixtus Battery - Every day at noon the cannon is fired to celebrate the Danish Flag
The Little Mermaid
Sand Sculptures along the harbor

The Opera House

Completed in 2005. It was a $400 million gift to the city by an oil and shipping magnate.

The design is very controversial, with many arguments between the architect and the benefactor during its construction and many people in Copenhagen not liking the result.
We toured the inside of the Opera House and found it quite stunning.
Restaurants along the Nyhavn Canal
We enjoyed a lobster dinner at one of the Nyhavn restaurants
Barb enjoys a glass of wine and steamed mussels
Fred has an after dinner ice cream cone
Bicycles are the main form of transportation
Stroget - a mile long pedestrian shopping street
Town Square (Note the Burger King, KFC, and McDonalds)
Tivioli Gardens - a huge amusement park
The old stock exchange - note snakes winding their way up the spire.
Spire of Our Saviour's Church - the external spiral stairway has 150 steps.
Many interesting spires dot the skyline.
Rosenborg Gardens - the park surrounding the Rosenborg Castle is a popular sunbathing and picnic spot.
Rosenborg Castle - Built by King Christian IV in 1606 as his summer residence.
The castle contains the crown jewels and other royal artifacts.
Bust of King Christian IV - ruled Denmark for 60 years from 1588-1648
King's throne made of narwhal tusk from Greenland
The other royal throne!
Part of the Royal Porcelain collection
Gold Chess Pieces
Elaborate swords
Ring given to the Queen by the King after she was caught having an affair after 22 years of marriage. It shows her shaking hands with a penis.
King Christian IV's Coronation Crown with 7 pounds of gold and precious stones
The crown jewels. They are still worn by the Queen on special occasions several times a year.
Botanic Gardens
Amalienborg Palace
Home of Queen Margrethe II and her husband
Frederikskirke - The Marble Church
A collection of Runestones from the 9th century in the National Museum.

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