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The V & A Waterfront


Approaching Cape Town Harbor - Note the clouds drifting over Table Mountain. Locals call it "the Tablecloth", a meterological phenomenon that causes clouds to tumble down the mountain slopes like billowing fabric.
The waterfront is full of shops and restaurants
Leaving the ship for our tour to Robben Island
Shop selling huge sculptures
Ferry to Robben Island
Robben Island is a World Heritage Site. The prison here was used to hold political rebels during the apartheid era, including Nelson Mandela.
View of Table Mountain from Robben Island
Robben Island was a former Leper Colony. This is the Leper Cemetary
Prison inmates were forced to work in the limestone quarry in the hot and blinding sun
Prison Grounds with Mosque on the island.
Our tour guide was a former inmate in the prison.
Prisoners carried an ID which spelled out information about him.
Photo of prisoners including Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela's cell

Beautiful Sandy Beaches as seen on our all day tour of the Cape Penninsula.

The peaks of the 12 Apostles are in the background

Houts Bay
Carsons at Clifton Bay
Chapman's Peak Drive
Simon's Town
Souvenir Shop
Stop at Ostrich Farm
Penguin Crossing Sign - they were nesting on a nearby beach
African Penguins - an endangered species
Also called "Jackass" Penguins because of the braying sound they make
These are similar to the Magellanic Penguins we saw in Antarctica
Visit to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens - a World Heritage Site
Garden was founded in 1913 to promote and conserve the flora of southern Africa, the first indigenous botanical garden in the world.
Mandela Bird of Paradise - a special species developed here to honor him.
Over 4500 species of plants in the garden, many endangered.
Pea Hens and their chicks
Beautiful sculptures line the walkways
Herschel, Liz, Thelma and Herb
The garden contains many different species of protea. The King Protea is South Africa's National Flower
Baobab Tree - called the Tree of Life due to its useage as food and shelter for many animals

Panorama view of Cape Town from Table Mountain

Our hotel - Fountains Hotel - in center of downtown Cape Town
We took the HopOn-HopOff bus for a 2 hour tour around Cape Town
The first part of the tour went through the central part of the city
The court house
The right hand bench outside the court house reads "Non-whites only". The one on the left was for whites. A reminder of apartheid days.
The Castle of Good Hope
Flea Market
The weather was finally nice - no wind or clouds so Table Mountain was open. We got off the bus to take the cable car to the top.
The cable car has a capacity of 65 people. The floor of the cable car rotates so everyone gets a 360 degree panoramic view
Cape Town and Lions Head
Terminus of Cable Car at top of Table Mountain. The highest point is 3300 ft.
Love the word "hooter"
The views from the top were spectacular
Table Mountain is part of the Cape Floristic Region World Heritage Site and has over 1400 different species of flora.
View of Clifton Bay
One of many beautiful paths around the top of Table Mountain
View of Table Bay
View of Cape Town Harbor
You can see Robben Island in the distance
We hopped back on the Red Bus to complete our tour and return to the hotel
The return was along the coast
Today, since the weather was nice, people were enjoying the beaches
One of several statues of swimmers in different poses that line the promenade along the beach
The houses/condos are built above the beach and parking is on top of them.

View of Cape Town and Table Mountain from our hotel room

To learn more about our visit to Cape Town, go to the Cape Town Newsletter. To view the next photo gallery, go to Sanbona Safari Photo Gallery.


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