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Leaving Cape Town for the drive to Sanbona Reserve
The drive took us northeast through the mountains
Then through the huge grape growing region
Grapes are grown both for fruit and for wine
Note the old stone fort on top
We stopped in the town of Malmere which has interesting Dutch style houses
Grape Vineyards
Entrance to Sanbona Reserve
Map of Sanbona - over 54,000 hectares of land
Road to our camp
On the way we saw a herd of Oryx
We chased some Ostrich out of the way
Welcome to Dwyka Tented Camp
Campsite had 9 tented accomodations
Entrance to "tent"
Our Luxurious Bed
Vanity with a view
Shower and tub look out through sliding doors to hillside
Shower area
Each tent had its own dipping pool
Outside shower
Ready for our first safari drive
Poisonous Milkweed Grasshopper
Grey Heron
Young Male Elephant
Female Lions
Including 2 albino lions
Time for a Sundowner
We watched as a hippopotamus watches us
Then he decides to come out of the water
To see a short video of the hippo's antics, please click on Hippo Video
Ready for the early morning (5:30 am) game drive
A Lion feasts on their evening kill of an Oryx
To view a video of the feast, please click on Lion Eating Oryx Video
Napping after her chance at the feast
A welcome stop for coffee, tea and hot chocolate
Herd of Springbok
Herd of Eland
We were very lucky to see a Cheetah beside the road
Lunch time
Delicious native fish fry
Patio outside main dining area
Time for our late afternoon safari
Rhinocerous in the middle of the road
Giraffe munches on an acacia bush
Herd of Female Elephants with their babies
Herd of Springbok
Two Rhinocerous feeding
Baby Rhino and his mother
What is this lion looking at?
Ah! She's keeping an eye on the hippo
Another morning coffee break
One of only a few Zebra
Baboons by the pond
Baboons on the hillside
Saying goodbye to our beautiful safari home
Return through the vineyards
Our group stops by the "Donkey Parking" Sign
Back through the mountains

View of the outskierts of Cape Town from the Mountains

Statue of Nelson Mandela in front of prison where he was released
Inscription on statue with quote from Mandela upon his release

Return to Cape Town


To learn more about our Safari at Sanbona go to the Safari Newsletter. To learn about the rest of our stay in Cape Town, go to Cape Town Newsletter. Or go to the Cape Town Photo Gallery.

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