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The Dunes as seen from the ship approaching Walvis Bay
Walvis Bay Lagoon - one of the most important wetlands along South Africa's west coast.
Renowned for its abundance of marine life, flamingos, pelicans and other bird species
The road is often closed due to blowing sand which covers the highway
On the way to Dune 7 through the Namib desert
Dune 7 - the highest Sand Dune in Walvis Bay area
We only got part way up the dune!
To see a quick video clip of the slide down, click here.
Drive through the Swakop River Valley to view the Moon Landscape
Winds have reduced mountains to spectacular rock formations and sand with appearance similar to the moon's surface
Barb and Fred overlooking the Moon Landscape area
Our guide explains about the variety of lichen found here
When water is poured on the lichen, it comes to life and changes color
Lichen after water was poured on it
Through theSwakop River Valley to town of Swakopmund
Swakopmund was settled by the Germans and resembles a Bavarian village.
Barbara goes shopping
War Memorial
Native handicrafts for sale (behind the trees)
Barb looks at some beaded necklaces
Then at carvings
Stop at a bakery/coffee shop - a beautiful gingerbread house
Had to have a piece of their black forest cake
Some native people from the interior were bused in for a convention
Beach area of Swakupmond
Popular destination and summer homes for South Africans and wealthy Namibians from the interior
Drive to Salt Processing Plant
Sea water is brought in, dried to crystals, washed and shipped out all over the world
It is processed into table salt, rock salt for animal consumption or industrial salt
Houses of the wealthy in Walvis Bay


To learn more about our visit toWalvis Bay, Namibia, go to the Namibia Newsletter. To view the next photo gallery, go to Cape Town, South Africa Photo Gallery.


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