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Explorer at anchorJanuary 27. This morning we entered the Neumeyer Channel and anchored near Damoy Point on the western tip of Weinke Island.Zodiak to the landingThe weather was spectacular - sunny and in the 30's - and so was the scenery.





Gentoo NestA colony of about 6000 Gentoo penguins were nesting on rocky sites and making their way down the snowy slopes.Gentoo in snow






British HutWe hiked through soft snow to an old British research station. It was fully stocked but is only used now in emergencies. Some of us(Fred) hiked up the nearby snow -covered hill and then slid back down.Fred on hike






Carsons kayakingAfter exploring the area on land, we got into kayaks and paddled among the icebergs and along the shoreline.We saw penguins swimming in the water and a leopard seal basking on the snow. It was so nice to have a sunny day.Penguins go swimming




For more photos of Damoy Point, go to Damoy Point Photo Gallery. To read about the next location visited, go to Neko Harbor.


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