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Neko Harbor After lunch on January 27, we sailed through the Gerlache Strait to Neko Harbor. On the way we spotted a pod of Killer (Orca) whales. They stayed with us for quite awhile.

Neko Harbor is on mainland Antarctica. This was our first continental (non island) landing. There was a small (4000) Gentoo penguin colony on the rocks with chicks that appeared quite young.Feeding time




The climb to the topWe hiked up the Antarctic ice cap to a rocky outcrop for a spectacular view of the area. Carsons at the topThe glaciers surrounding the bay were very active and we heard rumblings and spotted several avalanches and calvings. Fred decided to take the "easy" way down - little did he know that there was a steep drop off at the end and his back got packed with snow!Neko Glacier




Fred sliding down


Whales feedingSome Humpback whales were spotted feeding on krill in the harbor so we loaded into the zodiaks for a closer look. They were so intent on feeding that they didn't mind how close we were.Humpback whale





For more photos of Neko Harbor, go to Neko Harbor Photo Gallery. To read about the next location visited, go to Lemaire Channel.


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