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Jason harbour lagoon After lunch on Feb. 5, we made a stop in Jason Harbour. We hiked over grass covered hills through low lying tussock grass.Hikers It was difficult walking as elephant seals had created muddy wallows between the mounds which were hard to see.

Fur Seal And fur seals were nesting in the tussock grass mounds, waiting to pop up their heads, give a growl and bare their teeth if we got too close. We learned to stand our ground, clap our hands and yell back so they would back off.



ReindeerWe were surprised to run across a herd of reindeer in amongst the fur seals. And there was a new King Penguin colony on the beach with some protecting eggs on their feet.King Penguins

For more photos of Jason Harbour, go to Jason Harbour Photo Gallery. To read about the next location visited, go to Stanley, Falkland Islands.


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