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Paradise BayWe spent the morning of January 29 exploring Paradise Bay. The weather was 34 degrees with light snow. We were told this was called Paradise Bay because the surrounding mountains look as though they rise straight up to heaven. Unfortunately the cloud cover hid heaven from our view today.Argentine Base





We landed on the continent at an Argentine Base called Almirante Brown. It is no longer used for research but there were nine men living there in the summer. Their job is to clean up the base and prepare it to become a museum in a couple years. HikersSome of our group, including Fred, climbed the steep snow hill behind the base for exercise and a view of the surroundings. SlideSome opted to make a crude luge run and slid back down on their backsides.







Zodiak CruiseAfter the hike, we took a zodiak cruise around the bay. There were colonies of Blue-eyed shags nesting in the rocks. Blue-eyed shagsAnd waterfalls from melting snow cascaded down the rock face.




For more photos of Paradise Bay, go to Paradise Bay Photo Gallery. To read about the next location visited, go to Port Lockroy.


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