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Entering the port
Modern building
Our bus drove onto a ferry for the short ride across the lagoon to the Coronian Spit
The Coronian Spit is a 60 mile long, thin peninsula on the Baltic Sea. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Our first stop was a visit to the Hill of Witches. A trail winds through the woods and features 80 oak statues depicting legends and stories of Lithuanian Folklore.
We couldn't have asked for a better guide. She was a school teacher who with great animation and theatrics, brought the stories of the statues to life. To see a short video of her fun description of this statue, The Storyteller, click here.
The statues were carved over a 3 year period starting in 1979 by 30 carpenters.
This statue depicts the search for the fern blossum on mid summer's night eve. It is guarded by 3 witches.
Our guide by the statue of the tree goddess and her 4 children.


Note the two mermaids


This is the Windblower. When fishermen were becalmed at sea, the Windblower would send down wind to fill their sails.
Traditional fishing boat in the Coronian Lagoon
She Who Waits - Depiction of the women waiting for their men to return from fishing with their lantern raised to guide them home.
Depiction of the giant who slayed the dragon and saved the princess.
Lucifer at the gates of Hell
Two devils playing cards. It is frowned on to play cards in Lithuania.
When the Rooster crows, the goats run away as there are witches about.
Depicts a dance - but there is a devil in disguise among the partiers!
Interesting slide in the playground
Fred rests on the devil's throne.
Visit to the Weather Vane Gallery
During the 19th century, there were 133 villages on the spit. With so many fishermen vying for space on the lagoon, the Germans decided to require each boat to have a carving showing which village they were from and therefore where they were allowed to fish.
Over the years, the vanes became fancier and depicted more information about the fisherman and his family.
Lutheran Church
One of the visiting pastors talked to us about the history of the German heritage in the area.
We walked over the sand dunes to the Baltic Sea where some stuck their toes in the water.
Downtown Klaipeda and market
Old Warehouse


To learn more about our trip around Klaipeda, go to the Klaipeda Newsletter. To view the next photo gallery, go to Berlin Photo Gallery.

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