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Mt. VesuviusAfter a good night's sleep on the ferry, we arrived about 6 am in Naples. We were loaded back on our bus and taken to our hotel in Sorrento for breakfast. Victim of eruptionThen it was on to Pompeii for a tour of the excavated ruins. The city of Pompeii was founded in 700 BC on top of a hill overlooking the sea. The Greeks took over the city in 600 BC and the Romans in 89 BC. So there are both Greek and Roman remains in the city. In 79 AD Pompeii was buried by an eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. The sea was shifted 1 mile away during the eruption and the city was buried beneath 30 ft of pumice and ash. Streets of PompeiiWe walked through the excavated ruins of the city starting at the Theater where the Greeks performed comedies and tragedies and the Romans held gladiator contests


Excavated shopWe walked along the cobblestone streets, peering into the remains of old houses and shops.Wealthy family's houseWe visited the home of a wealthy family which still has the original fresco paintings on the walls.





Brothel PaintingWe also stopped in at an old brothel which has a pictorial menu of options on the walls for their clients. Roman BathThe public bath is the only structure uncovered with the original roof.







Fred admires the lemonsAfter all the walking, our guide treated us to orange or lemon granita drinks and Fred admired the enormous lemons on display. We then checked into our hotel in Sorrento and rested until our tour of Sorrento.

To view more photos from Pompeii, please go to Pompeii Photo Gallery. To read about the next location visited, go to Sorrento.


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