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Road to SavocaFrom Taormina, we took an optional tour to Savoca and Mt. Etna. Savoca is a small village on top of a hill. It was amazing how our bus driver was able to drive our large bus up the narrow winding road to the village.Tavern used in Godfather Savoca is famous because the Godfather was filmed in the town. Francis Ford Coppola spent a month in Savoca filming some of the scenes. We visited the Vitelli Bar where Michael first meets his bride to be, Appolonia.

Church used in GodfatherThen we walked up the winding streets to the church where they were married. Along the way our guide, Wendy, introduced us to some of the town people, including the baker and the woman who played Appolonia's mother in the film. The lady who played Appolonia's mother is on the left, Wendy is in the middle, and the baker's wife is on the right. Mother of Appolonia on leftCoppola wanted to thank the people of Savoca for their hospitality during the filming and asked what he could do for the town. They requested that he pave the dirt street leading to the church, which he did as seen in the photo below.


Road paved by Coppola





To view more photos from Savoca, please go to Savoca Photo Gallery. To read about the next location visited, go to Mt. Etna.


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