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Our Hotel in downtown Palermo - the Best Western Ai Cavalieri Hotel

Palazzo dei Normanni, also known as the Royal Palace. Built in the ninth century, during the Arab period. Later the seat of the Norman and Swabian kings.
Courtyard of Royal Palace
Palatine Chapel inside the Royal Palace
Built in 1130, it is one of the finest examples of Norman art and beautiful mosaics by Byzantine artists
Dome above the altar
Mosaics in courtyard from 18th century, commissioned by King Ferdinand.
Porta Nuova - built in the 16th century to commemorate the entry of Charles V to the city.
Porta Nuova
Teatro Massimo - one of the largest and most prestigious theaters in Europe. Renowned for its opera performances.
Square in downtown Palermo
Palermo Cathedral - Started building in 1181 by order of Archbishop Walter.
Bell Towers of Palermo Cathedral added in 14th century
Chapel of St. Rosalia - Contains the bones of St. Rosalia. She is the patron saint of Palermo and is said to miraculously have ended the plague in 1625.
Crypt in Palermo Cathedral
Sun Dial on floor of Cathedral. Sun coming in through a hole in the dome at noon strikes the zodiac sign of the month.
Elaborate holy water font
Vucceria - an open air market in the narrow alleys of Old Town.
A freshly caught tuna
On the way to Monreale
Cathedral in Monreale
Cathedral is decorated in 12th century mosaics
The figure of Christ the Pantocrator was created by Arab and Byzantine craftsmen during the 12th and 13th century. Christ's face is 9ft long and his gaze seems to follow you throughout the church.
Stories from the old and new testaments done in detail in mosaics line the walls of the cathedral. This one depicts Eve being introduced to Adam.
Vendors offered a variety of tempting goods for sale.
These Murano glass pendants were only 2 Euro.
Capuchin Catacombs. Eight thousand mummies - dressed in their 18th century finery- are perfectly preserved and on display in the crypt of the monastery of the Capuchin Monks.


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